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New Voting Rules Affecting Potter County

The January 31st deadline for voter registration is fast approaching and the Potter County Elections Administration office wants you to know about new laws affecting voter eligibility. One pertains strictly to residence

Residence” means one’s home.
A person may not establish residence for the purpose of influencing the outcome of elections.
A person does not lose residence by leaving their home to go to another place temporarily.
A person does not acquire a residence in a place to which the person has come to temporarily.

This will have an impact on two groups of people. Those who try to register to vote at “impossible” addresses.
Like using a PO Box as their address or those who claim their residence is at their place of business.

if they do not live there and make the claim that they do, they can be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor up to 180 days in jail and as much as a $2,000 fine.”



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