New Year Do-Over

Well, 2018 didn’t start out as I hoped. I’m ready for a new year do-over. I didn’t any resolution, I don’t make them anymore. But what I did do, was get sick.

I have to thank the folks at Neighbors ER Center on Western. They got me in fast to see a doctor.


I wanted to see my regular doctor, but found out that he retired in November. He was my doctor since I was a little girl. They couldn’t even get me in for a few days, but told me to come back to their Urgent Care the next day.

Well, considering I was having a hard time breathing, I went to Neighbors ER Center. What I found out was I had an ear infection, a bacterial infection, and a sinus infection. And to top all of that, my asthma kicked in to high gear, making my lips turn blue.

A shot, antibiotics, and several prescriptions later, I’m still coughing and my ears still hurt. I’m finally on the mend.




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