Not in the Headlines: April 11


An Estonian tourist got a little too drunk while he was on vacation in Italy. In his drunken stupor, the guy thought he was walking back to his hotel, but was actually climbing a mountain. He found a local bar that was closed for the night part way up the mountain, and broke in and spent the night there.

Southern Oregon University sent out a warning email to students about cougar sightings recently, and just as a joke, senior Caleb Diaz hit reply-all and wrote, “That’s just my mom.” He didn’t think the reply would even go through, but it did go out to everybody on the email list. And, Diaz sort of became an overnight celebrity at the school. He said everybody liked his joke. His mother even laughed.

Lastly, we’ve got a dumb criminal report for you today out of New Hampshire, where Kristina Hoefs applied for a job at the Hillsborough County jail on Friday. However, officers soon realized she had a warrant out for theft in Maine. instead of a job at the jail, she got a free stay behind bars.



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