Not in the Headlines: August 29


Monday night The American Meteor Society said witnesses submitted more than 340 reports of a fireball in the sky. Most were in Missouri, but reports also came from Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, and Nebraska. They also said the meteor was moving relatively slowly, and it did pass through our atmosphere.

Also on Monday, a man jumped a fence and ran onto the runway at Los Angeles International Airport, and started doing push-ups. He was arrested in less than 2 minutes, and the airfield was closed for about 20 minutes. Not sure if the guy will face any charges.

And, part of Times Square was shut down yesterday because a huge swarm of bees all gathered on top of the umbrella on a hot dog cart. But fear not! New York City happens to have beekeeper police officers armed with some kind of vacuum. After about 45 minutes all the bees were sucked up and relocated, and nobody got stung.



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