Not in the Headlines: August 30


A house in North Carolina got one of those “sorry we missed you” notes from UPS that they leave instead of delivering your package. However, this one is going viral for the reason listed on the note. It just said, “bear in driveway.” The woman who posted the note wasn’t surprised though, she says they get bears on their street all the time.

A reporter for the sports website SB Nation, Natalie Weiner, tried to make an account for a high school sports webpage recently. But, when she tried to sign up she got an error message saying “Offensive language discovered in the name field.” She had a good laugh and shared the error message on Twitter, where it’s gone viral.

And, here’s an opportunity to earn some cash if you like avocados: Several U.S. colleges have come together seeking subjects interested in being paid to eat avocados for six months. The study will examine whether eating avocados promotes weight loss. Each of the four schools will gather 250 participants who’ll be split into two groups: one that eats an avocado a day and another that eats two avocados per month. Participants in both groups will get $300 each at the end of the study. I don’t think $3,000 would be enough money to get me to eat an avocado every day. YUCK!!!



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