Not in the Headlines: August 31


Hang on everybody, PETA’s at it again! They’ve asked officials in Maine for permission to build a large tombstone on the side of a road to mark the site of a truck crash that spilled 7,000 pounds of lobsters earlier in the month. PETA said that they hope to memorialize the “countless sensitive crustaceans” who were killed during the crash, and that the grave would “remind everyone that the best way to prevent such tragedies is to go vegan.” Maine’s Department of Transportation is reviewing the request.

A video has gone viral of a guy that went surfing on an air mattress on the California coast. The guy did say he’s been practicing air-mattress surfing for at least the past couple years before he went and took on the big waves he did this time.

Surfing Air Mattress at The Wedge from on Vimeo.

And, a golfer in Colorado was out at the driving range last week. When he swung his club it got snagged on a boundary rope in front of him. His swing pulled the eye bolt anchoring the rope out of the ground and sent it flying so fast into his left leg that it pierced his bone! The guy was rushed to the hospital where the bolt was removed. You can see the somewhat-graphic photos in the full report right here. The country club said the boundary ropes have been removed and will not be reinstalled.



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