Not in the Headlines: August 8


New Braunfels had a bit of a scare last weekend when pictures of an alligator in the river hit Facebook. Well, turns out it was just somebody having a laugh. It was actually a remote controlled alligator head that somebody took a picture of.

A guy was spotted at an intersection in Houston on Sunday wearing a red dress and holding a sign that read, “No money needed. I just suck at fantasy football.” I’m betting he was last in his league and his buddies finally made him pay up on a bet.

A retired police officer, Bill Golden, lost his badge way back in 1987 while he was searching a drunk driver’s car. Of course, at the time, the department replaced it, but after more than three decades, Golden has found his badge. It was for sale on EBay from somewhere in Latvia. Golden had eBay shut down the auction, but he didn’t want to buy it because it was stolen property. Well, on his 60th birthday, Bill’s friend surprised him with the badge as a gift.



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