Not in the Headlines: July 10


Police in Iowa got called out for a reckless driver yesterday morning. They spotted the car zig-zagging down a street, and turned on their lights, but the car only stopped after it ran into a curb. When police walked up to the car they found a ten-year-old boy driving with his seven-year-old brother riding shotgun. The boys were apparently just out on a joy ride, and fortunately for the kids, they won’t be referred to juvenile court.

Britain has had a problem lately with drunk birds. The RSPCA said they’ve taken over a dozen calls in the past few weeks about sea gulls stumbling around and vomiting, then recovering after a while. The birds smell like alcohol when they pick them up. The RSPCA has asked alcohol producers not to leave their waste where animals can get to it.

A 25-year-old Californian rear-ended an SUV in a traffic jam on Sunday night. The car in back caught fire, and the first sign that the driver might’ve been a little intoxicated was when he climbed out of his burning car, and casually tried to light a cigarette in the flames, and singed part of his eyebrows off in the process.  Nobody was seriously hurt, but it was the guy’s second DUI in the last week.



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