Not in the Headlines: June 11


We’ve got another one of those animal themed days it seems like today, and the first one comes to us from, where else? Florida of course! A Home Depot employee in Florida was repeatedly bitten and scratched by a spider monkey that escaped from its owner’s car in the parking lot. The woman who got bit said at first the monkey seemed friendly, but clearly wasn’t. She was treated by paramedics, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is doing an investigation.

a wallaby is on the loose in Indiana after it escaped from a petting zoo that was stopped overnight Tuesday at a pumpkin patch. A local vet said the wallaby is unlikely to pose any danger to humans.

A family in Alaska shared their home video of a moose that crashed their 14-year-old’s birthday party. The moose swam around in the family’s pool, splashing around and playing with the pool toys for about a half hour before he climbed out and walked back into the woods.



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