Not in the Headlines: March 13


A guy from Washington, D.C. said he was visiting his mother when she advised him to play the Virginia Lottery using family birthdays for the numbers. So he did, and won $100,000. Mother knows best doesn’t she? His mother said she hopes her son will share his winnings.

A passenger flying across Indonesia put on a life vest about 30 minutes into a two-hour flight. When a flight attendant asked why, he walked to the front of the cabin and told other passengers to put their life jackets on, then asked the crew to turn the plane around because he “could see and feel” danger. The plan landed safely, at which point he was arrested for starting a panic.

An Animal Shelter in Sacramento posted a video to Facebook showing a man crawling into the facility through a small window he broke out and attempting to stuff a large gumball machine through the same hole. He wound up breaking the glass gumball compartment, and spilling candy all over the place. He ultimately tossed the machine over a barbed-wire fence. The shelter noted their amusement that the man went through all the trouble of stealing the gumball machine when there was a box of cash donations sitting on the counter just a few feet away.



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