Not in the Headlines: March 9


Here’s what’s not in the headlines for today:

A 14-year-old boy in California has been arrested for impersonating a deputy. On his little impersonation adventure he drove around in the deputy’s SUV, dressed in full uniform, with the lights flashing and a fake pistol on his belt. He also apparently conducted traffic stops, and issued a few phony tickets. The kid even pulled up into a driveway saying he was responding to reports of a domestic disturbance. He was already on probation, and he’s been booked again at the High Desert Juvenile Detention Center.

And, we got a follow-up report today; you might remember that college student from West Virginia I mentioned last week who got drunk and ordered an Uber to take him from West Virginia all the way to his home in New Jersey. Well, a meal-delivery company called “Eat Clean Bro” has decided to pay his $1,635 bill. The founder also raised $415 on Go Fund Me to donate to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. He said, “The kid did the right thing. I’m really glad he didn’t get behind the wheel. Even in that state of mind he still made the right choice.”



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