Not in the Headlines: May 16


A book was recently returned the San Francisco Public Library 47 years overdue! The book was checked out on December 9th, 1970. That’s 47 years, four months and 29 days late. Fortunately, the library caps its fine at $10.01, otherwise the late fee would’ve been $1,731.70. Last year a man at another branch of the library returned a book that was more than 100 years late.

Somebody in Germany called police Monday night when he heard his neighbors having a loud argument. But, when police showed up they found a 22-year-old man arguing with his girlfriend’s parrot, which could only respond by barking like a dog. The man told police he got annoyed with the bird, and they decided not to press charges.

And, officers in Wisconsin posted photos of a pretty creative senior prank to their Facebook from Cumberland High School. It looks like a car crashed halfway through the brick wall next to a door at the school, but when you look close you’ll see it’s actually just half of a junked car and the hole is black paper taped onto the wall, loony tunes style, with loose bricks scattered around it to complete the look.



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