Not in the Headlines: October 9


A national park in Alaska is asking fans to go on Facebook, and vote for which bear is biggest during “Fat Bear Week.” The bears have been packing on the pounds, getting ready for hibernation, and they say a fat bear is more likely to survive the winter. So, with that in mind, the park created a whole 12-bear single-elimination bracket. And, sometime today the park will crown the 2018 Fat Bear Tuesday Champion.

A bus driver in India’s been suspended after a video surfaced of him letting a monkey sit on his lap and steer the bus.

And, a man in Holland was out on a jog when he came across a caged lion cub that had been tossed out and left for dead in a field. The cub is about five months old. The guy found him on Sunday, and the cub was taken to the Lion Foundation, which cares for big cats. The little guy’s healthy, just really tired.




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