Not in the Headlines: September 24


A college student shared her embarrassing experience on Twitter recently. She accidentally submitted a paper online with her nickname for the professor in the header… which was “Professor whats his nuts.” Once she realized what she’d done, the student sent him an apology email. Fortunately, it sounds like the professor didn’t take it to heart.

A visitor to the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark caught video of a man who climbed the fence on Thursday, and hopped into the elephant enclosure, just to sit on a rock a few feet away from them. The elephants were pretty aggressive in keeping this guy away from their calf, but fortunately he didn’t get hurt. The elephants just chased him back out of their enclosure, at which point he was detained by zoo security.

And, a group of sandwich shops in Maine teamed up to create a 160-foot-long “Maine Italian” sub on Thursday as a trial run for an official world record attempt. About 10 sandwich shops in the Portland area were each responsible for about 16 feet of sandwich. Spectators were standing by to eat most of the sandwich after it was assembled, but they did donate a portion to a local shelter.



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