Not in the Headlines: September 25

A 71-year-old man has been arrested for pistol-whipping his good friend while they were arguing over a Bruno Mars song. The victim said they were arguing over who sang the song that was playing. The attacker got frustrated, and pulled out his pistol, at which point the victim called him a “chickens**t,” and got smacked in the head with the other dude’s gun. The pistol went off twice as this guy was smacking his buddy with it, but fortunately none of the rounds hit anybody.

Six Flags in Missouri is looking for contestants to take part in a ‘Coffin Challenge’ where they’ll stay in a closed coffin for 30 hours. It’s part of the park’s 30th annual Fright Fest Halloween celebrations. They’ll take 6 participants, and if you elect to get closed in the coffin for 30 hours, you’ll get a 6-minute bathroom break every hour, and you are allowed to bring a pillow and blanket and your cell phone. They say the coffins will have charging stations inside. Plus, you can have a friend by the coffin with you part of the time. Whoever makes it the full 30 hours will get a 2019 Gold Season Pass and a Fright Fest Prize Package. Not sure what that is, but if you’re interested, you can register on the Six Flags website.



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