Not Too Old To Wear A Costume

Happy Halloween ya’ll. It’s the big night where all the ghost and goblins come out.  And if you’re a big kid, that’s when all the different costumes come out. Here’s a question for you, are you ever too old to wear a costume? NOPE!

A lot of folks like to wear what’s trending at the time like the new Wonder Woman, or Thor, which Thor Ragnarock comes out this Friday. Some people like to dress like their favorite celebrity or favorite movie character. And then, there are people who like to come up with a off beat costume like a costume I saw recently, a lady  made herself look like a Whataburger super hero. She almost looked like Wonder Woman, but wearing their signature orange and white.

Most people just like to have fun on the night that they can be someone else, even if for a few hours. Something to enjoy with friends and family. I say you’re never too old to wear a costume. I do it every year.






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