Not Trending Here

Being on social media daily, you see all kinds of different things that seem to be trending. It could be wearing heels with socks to the way you eat spaghetti. There is one new trend that I’ve seen in the last couple of days that I will not be doing. The newest trend…nose lashes. No thank you! Let’s just hope this is a hoax or FAKE NEWS.

Nose lashes is just that. People are going to stores, picking up lashes, for what is supposed to be for your eyes, putting them inside their nostrils.

Now for years, people (mainly men) have groomed themselves and and made sure to clip the nose hairs because, it’s well…gross. Why would you want to put eye lashes inside your nostril to make it appear like you have long nose hair? It’s not attractive.

This is not a trend I plan on trying. EVER!!





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