How Now Brown Cow?

One day while watching TV I happened to be on the Game Show Network, probably because my girlfriend was watching re-runs of Family Feud with Steve Harvey. There’s a show called Idiotest (As in Idiot Test) with Ben Gleib. On the show there are questions on a big screen TV and the answer is somewhere on the screen. The game starts with two players on a team with two teams competing to answer the question the fastest. A clock counts down from 15 seconds and the cash amount decreases the longer you take to answer the question. If time runs out you don’t add any money to your bank. Answer the question correctly and the total left goes into your bank. I find the game interesting and fun. It has a lot of aw-haw moments. I saw this in the news today. I had to laugh. A
survey was taken by The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy 7% of the 16. 4 million people surveyed believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Are you kidding me? That’s funny. Overall 48% of the adults surveyed have no clue where chocolate milk comes from. It’s milk with added flavoring and sweeteners folks. according to some experts some kids don’t know french fries come from a potato or some adults don’t know hamburgers come from cows. Some kids don’t know pickles come from cucumbers and cheese is made from milk. Are you one of the 29 percent of adults that buy chocolate milk under the guise that it’s for your kids? Idiotest question of the day.
Where does pink milk come from? (FYI: you can play Idiotest at



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