One Texas City Ranked 2nd “Least Hated City” in America

The website Best Life took the 100 most populous cities in the country and decided to rank them by which was the most/least hated by the people living there.

To start with, Best Life took a look at four recent “favorite cities” polls from Pew and Travel and Leisure. Then, they added in Gallup’s well-being index and a poll that asked how proud residents are of their city. Finally, they factored in the 10-year population change to see how many people have gone to live in these cities over the past decade, or how many left. And here we have the study’s findings, the most/least hated cities in America.

Least Hated Cities:
1 Minneapolis, Minnesota
2 Fort Worth, Texas
3 St Paul, Minnesota
4 San Diego, California
5 Denver, Colorado

Most Hated Cities:
1 Detroit, Michigan
2 Las Vegas, Nevada
3 Baltimore, Maryland
4 Los Angeles, California
5 St. Louis, Missouri

Honorable mention on the most-hated list was my personal pick, New York City at #6. San Antonio made the least hated list at #11, and it’s worth mentioning that, while Fort Worth was 2nd on the least-hated list, Dallas wound up 12th on the most-hated list.

P.S. If you ever want to really tick off somebody from DFW, just tell them that Fort Worth and Dallas are the same city. They really hate that (even though up here in the panhandle we know that it’s basically all one city).

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