The Packers are great actors.

The Dallas Cowboys bad mojo continues with the eating of corn dogs. Yeah the same girlfriend as last week. The Cowboys built a 21-12 lead at the half. Green Bay was set to get the ball back to start the second half. It felt like the Cowboys three scoring drives weren’t enough because the Packers were one possession away from tying the game. The Packers coach Mike McCarthy said at the half the Cowboys could not stop Aaron Rodgers. The Packers scored a field goal on their first drive of the second half to cut the Cowboys lead to 21-15. The Packers took the lead by scoring a touchdown aided by a penalty (actually two holding penalties on the same play). The Packers allowed Dallas to score a field goal giving the Cowboys a 24-22 lead. That’s when the corn dogs went into the microwave. Terrance Williams had a ball go through his arms for a pick-six. The Packers went for two and failed but held a 28-24 lead. The Cowboys chewed up the clock until they threw a pass to Dez Bryant in the end zone stopping the clock and the Packers did not have to call a timeout. The next play the great actors that they are the Packers acted like they were fooled when Dak Prescott took the ball to play dirt on a read option. I was yelling fall down on the one yard line. The option by the Packers was let the Cowboys score because they knew the Cowboys defense had no answer for Rodgers. The Packers with 1:13 left on the clock went on to score the game winner with 11 seconds left. I’m going to throw the rest of those corn dogs in the trash. Oh, the Cowboys defense is just plain bad.



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