Payless Shoes Conducted The Greatest Experiment Ever!

Payless shoes just conducted the greatest experiment ever!

I’m amazed at what people will spend their hard working money on. Honestly, I was surprised at the number of folks that pay people to maintain their lawn here in Amarillo. Here’s another, dog walking service. However, if you ever need your dog walked I’ll beat all the competitions┬áprices.

So Payless Shoes decided to play a little trick on people and dress up their store to convince people in Los Angeles that it was a high-end shoe store. All they did was dress it up and raise the prices significantly to make it seem that people were buying luxurious shoes.

Some people were paying upwards of $600 bucks for a pair of Payless Shoes.

I guess my biggest questions is, who’s got $600 bucks for a pair of shoes? Fuhgeddaboudit!



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