Pet Peeves!

I don’t know what it was but last weekend people really got on my nerves. I guess I let things build up because I’ll let my pet peeves go. Here are some of the things that got to me and other pet peeves. You ask me for a favor and when I need a helping hand and you can see it you don’t lend a hand. You pretend you don’t see me. Someone cuts me off in traffic and gives me the finger. Get off your phone! The upside down red and white triangular sign means you yield the right of way. When leaving an event or when traffic is backed up and You let someone in and they don’t wave to thank you for letting them in or that person that passes everyone that was moved over and then tries to use the chrome bumper to get in. Driving past me on the right if I’m waiting on traffic so I can make a left turn. What if I don’t know where I’m going and I have to turn right. You run into me me. It’ll take what five seconds to wait? That 30 feet you just went will get you there on time. Oh, wait you’re probably the person that’s always late. When you say I hope this doesn’t offend you, then you say something offensive. Maybe not to me but to someone in the room. It does not make your statement less offensive. A party is B.Y.O.B and you brought one beer. You ask if you can have one of my beers or some of the liquor I brought. As you’re gulping down my beverage you say “this isn’t my brand but I guess I can get used to it.” Then you ask for more. Are you kidding me? You start to eat off my plate without asking. Then you ask “Can you go get some more?” Dog walkers that let a dog do his business in your yard and don’t clean it up. People that spit out their gum on the sidewalk. Not holding the door for a lady or the next person that’s close (same for an elevator door). Not offering a seat to a lady on the tram at the airport. If I hold the open for you the least you can do is say “thanks.” People that don’t clean up after themselves when the trash can is less than ten feet away. Leaving crumbs in the bag and putting the bag back in the cabinet same with drinks in the fridge. Just throw the crumbs away and finish the last of the drink and throw away the container. If you make a mess in the fridge or microwave. Clean it up. I hate to see what your microwave looks like inside at home. Not washing your hands after you use the bathroom and you see me washing my hands and you walk on by. Nasty. Flush the damn toilet. I bet you flush at home. Asking if you can check my bag when I’m leaving Walmart & you let five people go by before me and you ask every time you work the front door. What are you going to do when I say “No.” No your smoking doesn’t bother me unless you blow in directly into my face. Someone that tells me how many calories I’m eating or how much sugar is in my drink. I don’t care I have never been on a diet in my life. Too much perfume or someone that needs a bath. Have a great week.



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