Playoff Picks II

Alright last week I batted .500 with my NFL playoff picks. I missed both games on Saturday only to recover on Sunday. I had the Tennessee losing to the Kansas City Chiefs 28-22. If the Chiefs had scored a touchdown after the Titans took a 22-21 lead I would have been dead on. Chiefs blew a big lead to lose. I had one of the the NFL’s highest highest scoring teams, The Los Angeles Rams, winning 32-23 over Atlanta. The Falcons won 26-13. Redemption on Sunday I said the Buffalo Bills would be bounced out of the playoffs in a 29-23 loss to Jacksonville. The Jags won 10-3. I picked New Orleans 31-28 over the Carolina Panthers. I was close The Saints won 31-26.

Here are my predictions for this weekend’s games. The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Atlanta Falcons. The birds with red in their uniform will win 27-13 unless quarterback Nick Foles gets replaced by Nate Sudfeld. The Falcons will still win 27-21. The late game on Sunday features Tennessee at New England. The Patriots should handle the Titans 31-16. Sunday Pittsburgh hosts the Jacksonville Jaguars. Steelers win a close one 28-24. The New Orleans Saints visit Minnesota in Sunday’s late game. This should be another game that comes down to the last team with the ball. The Vikings edge the Saints 27-24. If I picked the team you’re rooting for I apologize in advance for putting the mustard on your team. If you read my blog from earlier in the season and why the Dallas Cowboys lost you’ll understand.



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