Police Dept. Tweets Funny Prank/Not Prank Ideas

do's & don'ts

With Halloween coming up, the police department in Lawrence, Kansas decided to tweet some hilarious do’s and don’ts to help their citizens stay out of jail for the holiday:


  1. Prank: Putting on a mask and jumping out of a closet to scare someone
    Not a prank: Putting on a mask and walking into a bank with a toy gun and demanding money. That’s armed robbery
  2. Prank: Dressing us as the grim reaper next to the candy bowl, then jumping up to scare trick or treaters.
    Not a prank: dressing up as a cop and “seizing” kegs and solo cups from a party. That’s impersonation and theft.
  3. Prank: putting flour in your sister’s blow dryer and turning her into a ghost
    Not a prank: hiding a baggie of flour in your brother’s car and telling 911 it’s Columbian bam bam. Falsely reporting a crime.
  4. Prank: Hiding a clown mask in your roommate’s bed while they sleep, then slowly waking them up with it.
    Not a prank: Dressing up as a clown and skulking around a sorority. What crime is that? Shut up and put your hands behind your back.


With that in mind, have lots of (legal) fun this Halloween!







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