Positive Test

Mother giving birth to a baby. Newborn baby in delivery room. Mom holding her new born child after labor. Female pregnant patient in a modern hospital. Parent and infant first moments of bonding.

Can you imagine being the hospital to have a baby only to be informed you can’t take your child home because you tested positive for opiates? That what happened last spring to Elizabeth Eden of Baltimore County, Maryland. She was reporter to the state. A case worker was assigned to the case and Eden couldn’t take her baby home for 5 days. Eden ate a poppy seed bagel that morning for breakfast giving her a false positive test. Poppy seeds come from the poppy plant and opium is made from the sap from that plant. A teaspoon of poppy seeds consumed by a person can cause a false test positive for drugs. the case worker closed the file after accepting her poppy seed defense. You probably don’t want to eat one of these bagel before you get drug tested for a new job. Honestly I ate a bagel this morning!



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