Quarterback and rest

The Dallas Cowboys are now an amazing 13 & 2 heading into the final week of the NFL season & The question like last week is will we see quarterback Tony Romo at any point in the game? I Don’t get paid the big bucks to make the decisions, but I believe head coach Jason Garrett will again start quarterback Dak Prescott & running back Ezekiel Elliott against the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday afternoon at noon. If Dak starts taking some hits in the game he is going to get pulled out same goes for Zeke if he gets body slammed like he was in the game against the Detroit Lions. The Cowboys are basically playing guys so they can keep their edge. That is why I think Tony Romo needs to gets some reps in the game in the second half of the game because he has not played a down at all during the regular season. Some people say quarterback Mark Sanchez should go into the the game on Sunday. To me that makes no sense because Sanchez is not the Cowboys backup quarterback. If the Cowboys plan on suiting up three quarterbacks in the post season then by all means let Sanchez play a few snaps, but not before Romo. Some people say let Dak sit this one out because he could get hurt. Well folks, that’s football. Romo could get hurt. If he does how does that play into next season and his trade value? There are only 53 men on the roster & 46 on the game day roster you can’t rest everyone. Tackle Tyron Smith went out of the Lions game with an injury. Do you rest him if he can play? Who has more value on the team? Who gets to sit? Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, Jason Witten, punter Chris Jones? Jones had the hit of the game. If Romo gets into the game does he have the starting offensive line in there with him? That to me would be important for Sanchez or Romo. The Oakland Raiders lost quarterback Derek Carr and head coach Jack Del Rio says he has no regrets playing him in the game against the Indianapolis Colts. You can’t walk on feathers a players could get hurt doing ordinary things. Just ask running back Darren McFadden. McFadden tried to catch his cellphone after he nearly dropped it. He only been back long enough to play in the Cowboys’ last two games. The coaches are in a no win situation. If players get rested and play flat in two weeks Garrett should have played them. If a player gets hurt Garrett should have sat him. The New England Patriots plan on playing as usual and word has it Ben Roethlisberger will sit. You have to hope everyone stays healthy and the Cowboys win four more in a row.



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