Ready To Chit Chat With Lani

Every Friday get ready to Chit Chat With Lani. We’ll talk about everything and anything. Nothing political. I’ll have a question of the day and feel free to join in the discussion. I’ll ask questions about health, beauty, food, entertainment, and local events. Also, if you have a question, and want to discuss it, we’ll do that as well.

For our first chit chat, I have a question. If you could talk to a group of famous people, say 4 or 5 , who would they be. I have my list all ready. Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Queen Latifah, Oprah Winfrey, Sean Connery, & Liam Neeson. Why this group of people? I love how Hollywood used to be. The old Hollywood glam. I think the actors back then had class. Not saying there’s no class in Hollywood now, but back then, it was so much more glamorous.


Cary Grant had that way about him. He had a swagger and they way he spoke was just awesome. I’ve seen a lot of his movies, comedies and dramas. In all his movies, you could see a different character. It wasn’t like, oh, he’s in another romantic comedy, same boring role. It wasn’t like that. My favorite movie of his is An Affair to Remember. Check this movie out if you haven’t seen it. A good list of his movies to watch are Father Goose, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, Bringing Up Baby (Katherine Hepburn’s debut movie), To Catch a Thief (with Grace Kelly), Arsenic and Old Lace, Charade, and His Girl Friday. Watch any of these movies and you’ll understand why he’s my favorite actor.

Audrey Hepburn was a style icon. To this day, you can see images of her from the movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s. She always had a grace to her as well. The first movie that I saw her in, which by the way is the reason why I like musicals, is My Fair Lady. The costumes in that movie are phenomenal! Movies to watch, Charade, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Roman Holiday, Sabrina (with Humphrey Bogart), Wait Until Dark, and her last film with Richard Dreyfus, Always.

Queen Latifah went from rapper to TV star, to an Academy nominated actress. Most rappers can’t sing, but Dana (her real name) has some singing talent. She has an awesome jazz album. To me, she is a style icon for the plus size woman. Check out these movies, Bessie (she sings), Last Holiday (my favorite with LL Cool J), Just Wright, Set It Off, Mad Money, Bringing Down The House (awesome comedy), and Chicago.

Oprah Winfrey, well because she’s Oprah. Almost everything she touches, turns to gold. For years she was in homes across the globe. She talked about anything and everything. She never backed down from any topic, whether it was about race, her weight, food, movies, and she could ask the celebrities questions that everyone wanted to know about. I aspire to be like Oprah. That’s one of the reasons for the chit chat.

Sean Connery, no one can play King Arthur like him, and that accent, makes me melt. I think he got better with age. Yes, he was 007, but for me, he got more handsome as he aged. The Hunt For Red October, The Rock, First Knight (King Arthur), Rising Sun, Highlander, Robin and Marian, & Darby O’Gill and the Little People are movies to see his range of acting.

Liam Neeson is another favorite of mine because he will find you and kill you. Just kidding. His movie list for me is growing. Ones to watch, The Taken movies, Non-Stop, Love Actually, Clash of the Titans, Excalibur (he plays a knight and Helen Mirren is in it), Les Miserables, & Nell. I didn’t put Schindler’s List on the list because I haven’t seen it, but I hear it’s a great movie.

And to round out the list, Sidney Poitier. This man is the real deal, a class act, an icon for so many African American actors. He has paved the way for so many actors, and he’s the first Bahamian and African American to win an Academy Award for Best Actor. He starred in movies that were about race when it was a taboo subject. He won the Oscar for the movie Lillies of the Field. More of his movies to watch, To Sir with Love, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, In The Heat of The Night, Stir Crazy, Ghost Dad, & A Raisin in the Sun.

Honorable mentions…Deborah Kerr, Grace Kelly, Denzel Washington, and Jimmy Stewart.

This is the group of people I would love to chat with about how Hollywood used to be and what it is now. I would love to know what it meant to them. Would they do things differently?

So, who’s on your list of famous people you would talk to? Let me know who and why and let’s chat.



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