Are you ready for some football?


Are you ready?

Now that basketball season is over with the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the championship over the Golden State Warriors. Word comes that Carrie Underwood will no longer be singing “Waiting all day for Sunday night.” Instead she’ll be singing “Oh, Sunday Night” during the opening of NBC’s first telecast of 2016 in which the New England Patriots visit the Arizona Cardinals on September 11th. Are you ready for some football?

Like Darius Rucker has said there’s two seasons football season & not football season. I can’t help but be optimistic about the upcoming Dallas Cowboys season. That’s provided Tony Romo stays healthy. If not it’ll be another long season for Da Boys.

Training camp starts late next month & I’m ready for some football. The biggest battle going into camp will probably be at running back. Everyone knows Ezekiel Elliott will make the team because he’s the first round draft choice. Darren McFadden just had elbow surgery. But, I still think he makes the team. Alfred Morris was picked up in free agency. Then there’s Lance Dunbar & Darius Jackson. Training camp should prove to be interesting. The Cowboys’ defense has to improve strides over what they’ve done the past few years. Defense wins championships. At the end of the day I’m tired of “I Survived Another Dallas Cowboys Season.” It’s time for a title in the Big D. It’s been six years since my dad passed away (Everyone knew him as JC) & I miss watching games with him when we could get together especially on Thanksgiving Day. Even if dinner was ready you couldn’t pull us away from the TV if the Cowboys were playing. My mom learned how to plan dinner around the Cowboys games. We’d be happy with the win or moody after a loss. Man you could not talk to us after a loss.



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