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All Hail To The New King Of Country Music!

    All hail to the new king of country music!

    Well, sort of, at least.

    However, I have to admit. That’s a beautiful cape jacket. I mean, what would you call something like that? Is it a cape? Better yet! Where would you wear something like this? I mean, I would wear it with everything, but most folks would probably need a special occasion.

    Check this bad boy out!

    Blake Shelton just received an Elvis Presley cape from the makers of the vodka he represents.


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    thank you, thank you very much. @smithworksvodka

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    Listen, Blake Shelton is really cool, but I don’t think he’s quite Elvis Presley cool. Just yet. He could get there one day if he works hard and stays motivated. Still, where can I get one of those cape/jackets?