Snooping Woman Finds Engagement Ring In BF’s Nightstand And Isn’t Satisfied.

A snooping woman found an engagement ring in her boyfriend’s nightstand and isn’t satisfied with what she found.

This was part of our, Jason & Nancy’s “WTF Story of the Day.”

Apparently, according to the story, a woman found what looks to be an engagement ring in her boyfriend’s nightstand. After discovering that it wasn’t anything that she was expecting, she went to social media asking for people to roast her boyfriend and help her come up with a way to, “tactfully,” decline his offer until he gets the ring she wants.

Take a look!

”I hope the guy sees this and breaks up. Seriously if that’s the type of person she is nobody should marry her until she fixes her attitude,” commented one Reddit user.

Another Reddit user wrote, ”She said it herself – he needs something better, except more in the lines of a better relationship, not a better ring.”



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