Is there something wrong with Amarillo traffic lights?

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in radio for the past 16 years. Doing that, I’ve had the opportunity to live in different cities around the southwest. The older I get, the more my patience wears thin in regards to certain issues. One of those issues, traffic lights. Is there something wrong with Amarillo traffic lights?

Early on in life when I was taking drivers-ed, I remember hearing a lie from my instructor that told me if I drive the speed limit, I should be able to hit all the green traffic lights. Boy, was he lying! It sounded good at the time and me being a young buck, I believed him. Now, I wouldn’t say that he was completely false. I have lived in some cities where if you drive the speed limit and if you’re real lucky, you can catch a majority of the green lights. But here in Amarillo, it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you drive, chances are you’re going to hit several green lights every time you head out.

I’ve heard a couple theories on how traffic lights change from red to green. One was a theory that there are weighted sensors beneath the road that can gauge the weight of the vehicles piling up waiting for the light to turn green. After it reaches either a given amount of time or weight, it will signal to the light to change colors preventing any kind of a traffic jam. Then, I heard a theory that they are all set up on timers.

Both of those stories could be way off. All I know, from experience, is that there are lights here in Amarillo that don’t change to green at all sometimes. Last week I was a red light that decided to skip a couple green light cycles all together. What’s up with that?


Here’s a list of what we believe are the worst traffic stops in and around beautiful Amarillo, TX.

  1. The traffic light at paramount and Western. Sometimes it doesn’t change at all.
  2. The traffic light at Georgia and 45th.
  3. The light at 45th and Western.
  4. All the traffic lights downtown currently.
  5. The traffic light off of Georgia that turns into the Wal-Mart off of the Canyon E-way.

Please let us know of any other crazy traffic lights around Amarillo, TX.



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