Standing up for the Kneelers

Be honest, how many of you tuned into the Monday Night Football game just to see how “America’s Team” would handle the whole national anthem controversy? I’m a Dallas Cowboy fan, so no matter what, I was going to be planted in my recliner at home watching the game. I don’t like to watch a Cowboy game at a bar or restaurant because there’s always that one overly obnoxious person rooting louder than anyone else against the Cowboys. Just because it’s the Cowboys. The Cowboys as a team, players, coaches, the owner Jerry Jones and his family, kneeled before the anthem. Then the team stood arm in arm during the anthem. The Arizona Cardinals stood arm in arm in the end zone. A friend of mine sent me a text. “That was class, that’s how it should be done.” My reply to my friend was I have no problem how any team handled the anthem over the weekend. I personally would and will stand for the anthem when I’m at an event. Do you stand for the anthem when you’re at a bar or restaurant when the anthem is being played? Probably not. You probably remain seated and talk through the whole thing. Are you disrespecting the flag in that moment? Some of the fans at the game booed the Cowboys when they took a knee before the anthem. They didn’t know the Cowboys would do what they always do for the anthem. Stand with toes on the line. But, this time coach Jason Garrett said they chose to be locked arm in arm. The whole anthem thing this week began when Donald Trump at a rally in Alabama said “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say ‘get that son of a bitch off the field right now? Out! He’s fired! He’s fired!” That drew criticism from all corners of the sports world and beyond. Trump made no mention of the people suffering in Puerto Rico. The entire island is without power and in need of water and more. A lot of people including my friend that I mentioned before said the players were disrespecting the flag and our troops deserve better than that. Here is my take and my reply Sunday night to said friend. I don’t like it when someone isn’t standing during the anthem. Our troops, my dad included fought for everyone’s right to sit, stand or kneel and for their right to protest in a peaceful manor. Troops did not fight for the flag. Troops fought for the meaning behind the flag and what this country is supposed to stand for. If you don’t get that there is no way I can change your mind. The whole thing being lost in this is why Colin Kaepernick sat down in the first place. Kaepernick started kneeling after talking to a war vet that talked him into kneeling for those that lost their lives defending our country. Kaepernick was protesting what he deemed as the wrongdoings against African Americans and minorities in the United States. People are saying players should just play football and not bring politics into the game. Shouldn’t that go for Trump? He brought politics into the game Friday night in Alabama. Whether or not you support Trump isn’t it time to talk about the reason behind Kaepernick’s protest? Or do you just want to be mad, just to be mad? Some people just can’t be satisfied no matter what. Some people just can’t see another person’s point of view. But to see someone else’s point of view you have to open your mind and your heart. Ask yourself why am I mad in the first place?



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