Star Wars meets Independence Day in this very clever mash-up.

Star Wars meets Independence Day!

Just when you thought you’ve seen everything, some genius with way too much time on his hands has put together a masterpiece.

We’ve all thought about it. What would happen if Star Wars were to meet up with Independence Day? At least if you’re a nerd like me you’ve thought of it.

I love stuff like this. Reminds me of that awesome show that used to come on Spike TV where they would put two animals that would never face each other in a fight to the death. Sounds gruesome, but it was pretty interesting.

I’ll tell you one thing; if we are ever visited by aliens, we’re all going to hope that we have something as great as A-wings or B-wings to fight off the invaders. It’s like Steven Hawkings said, “If there are aliens out there, we sure don’t want any face time with them anytime soon.” If anyone would know, it would be him.




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