Starting Quarterback

The Dallas Cowboys have a bye this week which means they won’t play until Sunday October 30th against the Philadelphia Eagles at 7:30 pm at A. T. & T. Stadium. The question is who will be the Dallas starting quarterback? I have always been a Tony Romo fan. In the past I have asked people if there’s no Romo who’s the alternative? There’s a bunch of teams in the league that would trade for Romo in a minute if they needed a starter. I’ve also stated that Romo doesn’t play on defense. Back to the question, who will be the Dallas starting quarterback? I’m not saying it should be Romo. Some say you can’t mess with the momentum the Cowboys have established this season. Momentum is gone because the Cowboys have a bye week. What does Tony Romo look like in practice? That’ll tell the coaches what they need to do. Like this year’s team the Cowboys lost on opening day back in 2014 when they went 12-4. The 2014 Cowboys reeled off six wins after that to start the season 6 & 1. This year’s team has won five in a row to go into the bye at 5 & 1. In game two of 2014 Romo went 19 of 29 for 176 yards against the Tennessee Titans. In game three Romo was 18 of 23 for 217 vs the St. Louis Rams. That was followed by 22 0f 29 for 262 with three touchdown passes out dueling Drew Brees of New Orleans. The next game Romo was an OT win over the Houston Texans on a 28 of 41 day. Game six Romo was 21 of 32 for 250. That’s 108 of 154 for 1229. During the Cowboys current streak Dak Prescott has gone 100 for 134 for 1259 yards. Romo had two interceptions and one fumble lost. I believe Prescott has one of each. Romo threw 10 touchdown passes during that five game streak and Prescott has thrown seven during the Cowboys current streak. Both quarterbacks were helped out by excellent running games by DeMarco Murray & Ezekiel Elliott. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says there’s no timetable on naming the next game’s starter. Either way some fans will say the Cowboys made a mistake. I’m glad I don’t have to make that decision but if you look at the numbers you can’t argue against either quarterback. One way or another this year the Cowboys have a great backup quarterback.



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