Stay Healthy

I’ve seen a few things today on how to stay healthy. You can stay healthy by getting multiple tattoos. I don’t know about that, but according to researchers at the University of Alabama. If you have a more than one tattoo you’ll have a stronger immune system than someone that isn’t inked. A person with multiple tattoos is better able to fight infections. Getting just one tattoo has the opposite effect. It lowers your resistance to germs. Dr. Christopher Lynn says he realized he was physically drained after receiving a tattoo. He says it not only hurts while you get a tattoo, but they can exhaust you too. That makes it easier to catch a cold because your defenses are down from the stress of getting a tattoo. If you continue to get tattoos the stress on your body adjusts to a higher internal level which makes your immune system stronger. You can also stay healthy by washing your troubles away. University of Michigan researchers say washing your hands in warm water with plenty of soap improves your psyche. Making you feel better. It’s like washing away lucky or unlucky feelings, or doubt about a decision. Removing residues helps remove abstract mental residues. And finally a study shows and we’ve all heard this, laughter can improve your health. Laughing can increase the production of T-cells which helps you fight off disease. My secret to staying healthy during the winter months. Do not touch your face with your hands. People still cough into their hands. You never know where someone’s hands have been collecting germs. In 22 years of working at KGNC FM I have called in sick twice. Once for running a fever and last year when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Stay healthy my friends.



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