Student Grades Girlfriend’s Break-up Letter, Gives her a D-


UCF student Nick Lutz recently dumped his girlfriend after she told him she was going to an amusement park with her best friend, who’s a girl, only to go with another guy instead. He didn’t hear anything from her again until she sent a four-page letter. Nick (who sounds like a sarcastic SOB like myself) decided to grade his ex’s essay and send it back to her, and she didn’t do well.

He filled every margin with red ink, starting out with “no indentation” going on to “too long of an introduction, lots of repetition, need more supporting details, using useless fillers.” He even corrected her spelling errors and criticized her for “lackadaisical handwriting.”

After he’d finished all four pages Nick graded the letter a D- and wrote, “Revision for half credit will be accepted.” Then he tweeted pictures of it to get a good laugh out of his friends. What he didn’t expect was that the tweet would go viral with over 300 thousand likes and 115 thousand re-tweets and  reporters from all over the world calling him asking to write about his story.

Nick said that in hindsight tweeting out the letter probably wasn’t the best idea, and he hasn’t heard from his ex since and doesn’t expect to anytime soon. On the plus side though, he did get an offer from another girl for a date. I guess when one door closes another opens.

As always, Thanks for reading and happy trails until we meet again!






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