Super Bowl Bound?

Are the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl bound? Well we’re only two weeks into the NFL season & many folks are already saying Dak Prescott is the next big thing. I saw in the paper he’s being mentioned in the same sentence with Troy Aikman, Tom Brady & big Ben Roethlisberger. Really? Come on man, Prescott is two games into his career & he’s in the same company as guys just shy of ten Super Bowl rings? The Cowboys need to get touchdowns when they get into the red zone and stop settling for field goals. Luckily The Washington Redskins had to kick field goals when the Cowboys gave them a short field twice. Once when the Cowboys went for an on-side kick. It had to be the one of worst attempts ever. Why in world with the defense Dallas has would you do that? The second opportunity came when running back Ezekiel Elliott lost a fumble caused by Washington cornerback Josh Norman. Dak’s numbers were pretty good going 22 for 30 for 292 yards and he ran in for a touchdown. Defense wins championships my friends. Kirk Cousins helped the ‘Boys out by missing passes on several occasions and by throwing an interception in the end zone. Thank goodness. Go Barry Church! Cousins was oh-fer on five passes inside the Cowboys 10 yard line. He racked up 364 yards on a 28-of-46 day. Two games into the season as Bill Parcells once said “We’ve got a ways to go here. So put away the anointing oil, OK?” What are you going to say when Prescott throws his first interception? Prescott is off to a good start and we know once he’s keeping Tony Romo seat warm. Once Romo gets healthy he’s the starter. Neither QB plays defense and once the guys that are suspended come off suspension doesn’t mean they can sack the opposing quarterback. Just look as seasons past. When Tony Romo got hurt Jason Kidd asked how I felt about the chances of the Cowboys winning games until he came back. To say the least I said “I don’t know, but I feel better than last year.” Let’s see six or seven games into the season.





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