Texas Dad finds booze in Daughter’s sock drawer…

If only all Dad’s were as cool as this Dad who found some Fire Ball in his Daughter’s sock drawer. With kids and their social media craze, or should we say, addiction, is there a better way to confront your child about booze? I don’t think so! This story ties in to this mornings conversation regarding sneaking out or other mischievous things you did when you were a teenager. I must say, as a 33 year old rule breaker myself, I am very disappointed at some of these hiding spots kids now a days are hiding their, “goods.” I remember when my friends and I were up to no good, instead of hiding whatever it was that we did not want our folks to see in the house, we went and buried it in the desert. I can speak with a straight face when telling you that no Mom’s or Dad’s ever found our hidden stash. Who am I kidding? I never had a secret stash.

This awesome Texas Dad had a creative way of informing his daughter that she’s been caught red handed, but to remember that she’s on vacation and to have a good time until she gets back. My favorite part about this video is when Dad brings up the story that he’s heard about people breaking into homes and leaving whiskey bottles in sock drawers, and if that was the case they should contact the authorities. If not, Dad’s interested in having a sit down to discuss the origins of the whiskey bottle. Where did it come from? Who bought it for you? Do you really enjoy the taste of fire ball? What in the world were you thinking?

So…I’m wondering now that I’ve watched the video. Did the girl get in a lot of trouble? Did Dad let her off easy? By the sound of the message and the whereabouts of the teenager, South Padre, she might be old enough to know better and get away with a slap on the wrist. Regardless, this Dad gets an A+ for the way he confronted his teenage daughter.

Did you ever get caught with booze or anything? If so, do tell!



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