Texas man buys swimming pools for the less fortunate.

Texas man

A San Antonio, Texas man has made it his mission to provide swimming pools for less fortunate children. What a nice guy! I wish there was somebody around doing that whenever I was a young man. When it came to beating the Summer heat, we went outside and turned on the water sprinklers. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone out playing with the water sprinkler. Also, I never remember it being this hot outside when I was a kid. We used to spend the Summer at my Grandparents house where we would play kickball, ride bikes, build forts, or play in the desert. You couldn’t find me doing anything even remotely close to that with these kind of crazy temperatures we’ve seen lately.

Something we used to do often was go swimming at Laabs swimming pool. It was a swimming pool in Las Cruces, NM, and we would go swimming there every day during the summer. I think the only days we didn’t go were on the weekends. If I am not mistaken, I believe it cost my brother and I a little more than a dollar to swim all day long. They would occasionally feed us, too! Which was a huge plus! Who needed a Summer vacation when you could go swimming all day long.

As for this man in San Antonio, Texas, he got the idea after noticing folks bad mouthing some kids who turned the back of a pick up bed into a swimming pool by lining the truck bed with a canopy of some sort. You then fill that bad boy with water and, BAM! Instant swimming pool. Not bad for a bunch of kids trying to stay cool. After Todd Arredondo, that’s the man’s name, noticed the harsh lingo targeting the less fortunate, he created a go fund me page asking for help to provide kids with a safe way to stay cool this summer. This man is an angel!

If you’re interested in helping out, search, “Pools for Kids” on Gofundme.com.



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