The Best Pizza in the USA goes to?

According to a survey conducted by Travel and Leisure magazine Phoenix, Arizona has the best pizza. Pizza eaters suggested the pizza was the best because the city has places with thin crust, wood fired pizza, traditional deep-dish pizza, pizza on a patio and  a drive through pizza place. Other cities on the list include Detroit, Michigan, Buffalo, New York, Chicago, Illinois, Providence, Rhode Island, New York City, New York, Madison, Wisconsin, Wilmington, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Knoxville, Tennessee. Then there’s the pizzeria in Midland, Texas that is serving up a pizza mocking President Trump. The pizza is split down the middle by bread sticks (the wall). On one side is Mexican taco while the other side is chicken and Cheetos. The Cheetos are an apparent The Donald’s skin color. Midland’s Peace of Pizza says the wall was installed by Raul, an honest, hard-working Mexican American. Where do you think the best pizza is in Amarillo?






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