The List Is Out

Marco Bogart /

Ever hear of Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Things List? If you’ve ever watched her show on TV, you’d know her favorite things. I always wanted to be on that one particular show where she talked about her favorite things because whatever she liked, the audience got.

Oprah’s TV show isn’t on anymore, but she still has her favorite things. Every year, her list comes out for all to see. This year there’s a whopping 102 gifts on her list. The total cost comes out to be about 14 thousand dollars. The most expensive is a 55-inch Samsung 4K UHD TV that morphs into a painting. It costs around 2 thousand dollars. The least amount for a gift is free downloads of of Oprah’s  Super Soul Conversations podcast. Another favorite of Oprah’s is the  at-home 23andme DNA Test which will give you a detailed look into your ancestry. Retail price is about $70.

Also on Oprah’s favorite list, family pj’s, the Echo Show, shower caps, bacon flavored dog biscuits, a Bluetooth Wallet Tracker, and my favorite, the Bakerstone Original Pizza Oven Box Kit which you can make breads, roast meats and veggies. Retail value $150.

I’ll be honest, if I were to get all of the 102 gifts from Oprah’s Favorite list, most would be gifts to family and friends, but I got dibs on the Echo Show and the pizza oven.

Now that Oprah has her list out for this year, have you started yours?



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