The Newlywed Game Debuted On ABC On This Date In 1966.

The Newlywed Game debuted on ABC on this date back in 1966.

Live from Hollywood, it’s “The Newlywed Game!” Starring Bob Eubanks!

To be a game show host. That’s what I really wanted to be when I was growing up. What a sweet gig. Can you imagine being Pat Sajak? That guy gets paid a ton to do so little. And, he’s been doing it for a million years. How did he get so lucky?

The Newlywed Game, another zany Chuck Barris creation that helped pave the way for today’s reality shows, debuted on ABC on this date (July 11th) in 1966. Hosted by Bob Eubanks, it was paired with The Dating Game to give the network TV’s hippest daytime hour at the time.



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