There is a Santa Claus

I saw this story earlier today and it brought a tear to my eyes. Eric Schmitt-Matzen, a 60 year old man that has played Santa Claus for years was called by one of his nursing friends asking him to come to the hospital to see a very sick 5 year old boy that wanted to see Santa. He told the nurse let me change into my outfit. The nurse told him he didn’t have time to just wear his suspenders. He needed to come right away. Schmitt-Matzen has the beard and the gut to play Santa went to the hospital where he met the 5 year olds parents outside the ICU. Schmitt-Matzen agreed to give the boy a toy his mother had bought for him. He asked the parents to stay outside the room if they were going to lose it. Schmitt-Matzen went into the room and said “Say, what’s this I hear about you’re gonna miss Christmas? There’s no way you can miss Christmas! Why, you’re my Number One elf!” The boy replied “I am?” Schmitt-Matzen said “Sure” and gave him the toy which he could barely open. The boy smiled at the the toy, a character from the TV show “PAW Patrol.” The boy asked Santa to help him and Schmitt-Matzen gave him a hug and before Santa could say anything the boy died in his arms. The boy’s family that was outside the room rushed in to be by his side. Schmitt-Matzen says he cried all the way home. Schmitt-Matzen almost hug up his Santa suit but decided to stick around for another year to make children happy. God Bless people like Schmitt-Matzen and those that go to malls to say Santa is not real.



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