Two Tickets To Paradise

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Imagine you have two tickets to paradise like the old Eddie Money song. You and your significant other are headed to Hawaii to spent some time together. You never make it to your final destination because your plane has problems. That’s what happened Saturday for passengers on Flight 33 bound for Maui’s Kahului Airport from Los Angeles International Airport.

On the first attempt to leave the flight on Hawaiian Airlines was in the air for two hours before it had to return because of issues to a system. On the second attempt the flight was in the air for about five and a half hours before returning because of another issue. A third attempt was made before they decided to cancel the flight all together.

All the passengers were given compensation for the flight, hotel and meal vouchers and rebooked on new flights. Plus, hey were also given $100 towards their next flight.

Long distance flights like the ones to Hawaii have more rigorous safety requirements.

I’m not afraid of flying because I don’t think a pilot is going to get up in the air in a plane he doesn’t feel is safe. But, after three attempts I would probably say okay I’m done Let me out so I can drive.



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