The Uninvited Guest, My Nemesis, A Mouse

I usually love to invite people over to my house. But right now, I have an uninvited guest, my nemesis, a guest that needs to go away and stay!  It’s a mouse, and he’s causing me me grief, and its making me jumpy. I first saw it while watching TV. You know when you see something out of the corner of your eye and you look and wonder, did I just see something? You go about your business but start to wonder so you get up and start to look around. You don’t see anything so you start watching TV again. Then you start hearing rustling and you turn down the sound on the TV….nothing, so you turn up the sound.

So when you finally go to bed, you wonder if you saw something or heard something. Was it the dogs? Oh well, off to dream land. The next morning, you get up, not thinking about what you thought you saw and start your daily routine. Let the dogs out, figure out what you’re going to wear, let the dogs in, feed the dogs, and then BOOM, you see evidence of what you thought you might’ve seen last night. In the empty sink, little pellets that can only be one thing…….poop. Dang it!! There’s a mouse!!


You clean it up, look for more pellets, clean them up, and start the disinfecting of the kitchen, almost making you forget that it’s a week day and you have to go to work.

On the way to work, you think of where could this mouse have come from? Not in all the years have I been in my house (6 years) has there been a mouse in the house. So all day at work, I keep thinking about this mouse that has the audacity to poop on my counters. Now, how do I get rid of this little mouse? I talk to a couple of friends and they tell me how they would get rid of it. One said, get a cat. I can’t do that because I’m allergic to cats and I don’t think a cat and my dogs would get along. Another friend says to get the old standard mouse trap, the one that snaps. The only thing I could think of is the carnage. Nope, on to the next. The next friend and relative, the brother, says to go get a sticky trap. The mouse will stick to it and can’t get off. This I can live with that.

So off to the Home Depot we go. I set that trap, nothing. For a day and a half, nothing. So I move the trap, nothing. I put peanut butter around it. The mouse eats the peanut butter and moves the trap. Alright smart guy, I’ll put the peanut butter in the center. You can’t get away from that….so I thought. I get home from work thinking no more mouse, it’ll be stuck. Nope, it ate the peanut butter from the center of the trap and move it across the room leaving a patch of fur on the trap.


So this weekend, I’m again disinfecting the whole house, putting peppermint scented cotton balls around the house and in corners, because I heard they don’t like it, and find a way to rid myself of this mouse, nemesis, that is missing a patch of fur. By the way…hahaha. I’ve looked up several ways to get rid myself and my home, my sanctuary, of this pesky little varmint. Hopefully, by Monday, I’ll have good news. Wish me luck.



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