There’s no one correct way to forge a successful career in the music industry, although possessing certain qualities gives artists a head start. Ambition is a must—as is grit, a penchant for hard work and staying positive. Being committed to creative forward motion is also key, as bands that are continually challenging themselves musically often land in exciting new places.
A Thousand Horses check all these boxes, as might be obvious from the title of their second full-length, Let The Band Play On. In the last half-decade, the Nashville quartet—vocalist Michael Hobby, guitarists Bill Satcher and Zach Brown, and bassist Graham DeLoach—has landed a Billboard country airplay No. 1 single (the platinum-certified “Smoke”) and a debut album (2015’s Southernality) that peaked in the top 20 of the Billboard Top 200.
The self-assured Let The Band Play On builds on this momentum. Although the album certainly maintains familiar A Thousand Horses influences—”Carry Me” is a sonic homage to the Black Crowes, while “Livin’ My Best Life” echoes John Mellencamp’s hits-filled ’80s heyday and “Drinking Song” is a soulful country rocker—it also boasts crisp songwriting that resists pigeonholing.

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