Week Nine

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

The Dallas Cowboys got off to a terrible start. They move down the field on the first drive and Brett Maher missed the field goal. In my fantasy league. I needed those points and a lot more from the Cowboys kicker. Maher was my only hope of improving my fantasy league record to 7-2. How do the Cowboys look so bad after a bye week?

In my humble opinion one of the main problems is the Cowboys insist on running the ball nearly every time on first down. Tennessee seemed to crowd the box and force the Cowboys into third and medium. The Cowboys offense does not seem to have any imagination at all. The one game where they seemed to do things different the Cowboys scored their most points of the season and won 40-7 over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

What happened to those plays the next week? The plays were left on the shelf and the Cowboys lost to Washington 20-17.

Last night the defense put the Cowboys in the position to score some points early. Amari Cooper caught his first touchdown pass as a Cowboy. Then Dak Prescott tried to give him a jump ball when he was covered by two guys in the end zone. Turnover Dallas.

The Titans used the Cowboys aggressive defense against them with a lot of misdirection plays. The Cowboys would over pursue and Titans would get big gains.

Cole Beasley needs to have catches before there’s 4:30 left in the game.

The Cowboys are 3-5 and the playoff picture is looking bleak. Lose to Philly Sunday night and it’s over.

In my fantasy league if I make the right moves I’ll make the playoffs.



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