Week Thirteen

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The Dallas Cowboys almost did what they could to lose to the New Orleans Saints. The Cowboys wound up winning 13-10 over the team that had won 10 games in a row.

DeMarcus Lawrence said some things before the game many would call billboard material. He said something about hit ‘em in the mouth to get them out of their comfort zone. He added you have to choke them out. There were some expletives in there. Whatever he said it some have riled up the troops because the Cowboys shut down one of the most powerful offensives in the league.

Randy Gregory had two late penalties that allowed the Saints to keep the ball and score their only touchdown. One when he was called for roughing the punter. The other when he was called for lining up in the neutral zone. That call could have gone the other way.

If you had told me the Cowboys would only score 13 points in their game against the Saints and they didn’t score a point after halftime, I would have said the Cowboys got destroyed. This group of young men held the Saints to 10 points. They stopped them inside the five yard line in the first half.

The Saint were averaging a little over 37 points a game going into last night’s game. Dallas held the Saints to 176 yards. Something I’m sure they usually have before halftime.

The man I think was the leading candidate to be the MVP this season, Drew Brees was held to only 127 yards on 18 of 28 passes, one touchdown and one interception to Jourdan Lewis that sealed the victory.

The Cowboys can’t expect to score only 13 points and win many games. Dak Prescott did miss a wide open Michael Gallup that would have given the team a cushion in the second half. Prescott also took seven sacks and fumbled twice. Like I’ve said before he holds the ball too long and he has to trust his feet. RUN Dak Run.

The Officials like the Saints didn’t have a good game they missed calls on both teams. A targeting penalty on the Cowboys and a push off on the Saints. Of course every week I see the Cowboys being held when they’re on defense. That also could be said of the Cowboys holding too.



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