What Are The Odds

What are the odds of this happening? A woman in Youngstown, Ohio was in the bank changing are of her account information after her wallet was stolen. While she was in the process of making the changes a woman tried to use her ID at the same bank to cash a check for $400. The teller realized Tareana Butler was trying to use the stolen ID and alerted the rightful owner and called police. Butler tried to escape but was detained by the victim as she tried to get into her car. When the police arrived Butler was arrested and charged with identity fraud and disorderly conduct.

Imagine this another story from Florida. Earle Stephens Junior told police he couldn’t be arrested for drinking while driving because he was sipping bourbon only at stop signs and red lights. Police were called to a McDonald’s drive through because Stephens kept hitting the bumper of the car in front of him. When the police arrived they noticed an open bottle of Jim Beam in the passenger seat. Stephens failed a field sobriety test and didn’t have a valid Florida driver’s license. He also had two previous DUI arrests in Missouri.



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