What’s inside the briefcase???

I’m sure you’ve heard by now the story around interim city manager Terry Childers. So many questions looming about this bizarre situation. From the 911 calls, to the idea that a building should be shut down until they find this man’s briefcase. I think the million dollar question is, what was in the briefcase? On The Air, jokingly, I referenced the film, “Pulp Fiction.” In the film, there’s a scene where Sam L. Jackson opens up his bosses briefcase to a would be robber. To no avail, the robber didn’t get his hands on the briefcase because Sam L. Jackson couldn’t cough it up. What was the mysterious golden glow beaming from the briefcase??? We’ve all determined that there was an Action Comics #1 laying at the bottom of his briefcase. Listen, if you’re not familiar with Action Comics #1, that’s where Superman is first introduced to the public. It’s worth about a million bucks! Who knows what was in the briefcase, but the situation in itself is crazy! We shall see how this plays itself out. What do you think was in the briefcase?


Photo courtesy of dazeddigital.com



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